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Looking for a solution to keep weeds away from your shoreline?


Weed removal from your shore can be a labour intensive, expensive and timely task. Often, it requires frequent visits from an independent contractor with a dredging system, or use of a submerged weed removal system that can harm your kids, pets, and boat. Sure, you can get in the water with a lake rake and do it yourself... but wouldn't you rather be relaxing?

Water Weeds Away is a unique solution to your weed woes that keeps them from rooting on your shoreline. This simple system attaches directly to your dock with ease — so you can get back to enjoying the sunshine! 



These work fantastic, I purchased one 3 weeks ago and it’s like I have a different beachfront. I can’t believe how much the fish like it as well. The best investment you can make for your Lakefront property.
— Rob Phillips, Ennismore Ontario
The water weeds machine is doing a great job. Not only is it removing weeds from our shoreline it has provided us with access to swimming which we haven’t had in the 20 plus years we have been on the lake.
— Jim B., Buckhorn Lake Ontario

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Water Weeds Away, aquatic weed removal is available at Overstock Liquidation serving Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes, Lakefield, Lindsay, Bancroft Ontario and surrounding area.

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Water Weeds Away is in stock and available for pickup at Overstock Liquidation for the price of $1795.


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